World peace... one rock at a time!!

This video (producer Kristi Kelty) & original music score (composer Kristi Kelty)
received an Honorable Mention Award at International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality (IFFPIE) 2013!

The video was also shown at the United Nations in November of 2012.

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Peace Rocks...

Spreading messages of Peace that ripple out around the world…
one thought and…
                  one rock at a time…


Every person on the planet has the power to change the world.
We encourage people to paint words, images, and messages of peace, hope, love, and joy on ordinary rocks and distribute them all over the world.
We encourage you to focus your attention on the idea of peace
and to share that message with others.


Words carry power. Messages of peace are being shared hundreds of times
 each and every day and spreading exponentially.


Click here to find out  "How to Create Peace Rocks"*

These treasures are “Peace Rocks” and folks at Unity of Bandon located in the little community of Bandon-by-the-Sea (population 3000) along the southern Oregon coast have been painting them by the 1000’s. Using non-toxic paints, images, words, and messages of peace are painted on rocks gathered from the local beaches and rivers. 

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