World peace... one rock at a time!!

About Peace Rocks

The idea of peace rocks originated with Jane Clark.


Jane Clark
October 10, 1944 - December 15, 2007

As part of the celebration of the Season for Peace & Nonviolence, a  Peace Concert was planned at Unity of Bandon in April 2006. It featured the newly formed community Peace Choir as well as a number of other local musicians.  As part of that celebration, Jane decided to paint the word "peace" on some rocks and pass them out to all who attended the concert.

Little could she have known....she started an international movement!


In 2010, the folks at Unity of Bandon decided to paint more peace rocks and distribute them around the community.  Since then 1000's of rocks have been painted with messages of peace and they are found all over the world.



2006:    In April Jane decided to paint the word "peace" on some rocks and pass them out to all who attended the concert. That was the Beginning

    In December 15; Jane passed away

   Unity of Bandon decides to paint peace rocks and anonymously places them all over the community as part of a service project. 

              There is much excitement and speculation as to where these rocks come from!

    Peace Rocks are sent to every United States Senator in their home state office as well as to President Obama and Vice-President Biden.
              They can now be found at the Berlin Wall, in Italy, China, Japan, and Africa.

    March 18, Peace
Rocks Facebook page is launched.

    November: Peace Rocks Project representatives, Robin & Takashi Haruna and Amy Wilhite, are invited to participate in the Annual Rotary International United Nations Day, the theme being “Peace through Service”. The event features presentations from senior UN staff.
Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy swept through the area and the PRP representatives were unable to travel to NYC, despite attempts to reach it by plane, train, and automobile.

     “Peace Rocks!” video wins a number of awards at national and international film festivals.

     Peace Rocks Project presentations are shared with 15 classrooms at local elementary and middle schools and students are given the opportunity to paint messages on rocks. Peace Rock painting gatherings are held at Unity of Bandon on the first Tuesday of each month.  This March, a family from Israel joins us and paints rocks to take back to their country.

     May, Peace Rocks Project presents at Rotary International District Conference.  Conference participants learn about peace rocks and write messages on rocks to take with them.

     Peace rocks continue to spread all over the world and are now in over 45 countries.  We continue to receive notes, emails, and photos
from those participating.  Many schools, churches, and organizations around the world have joined us, bringing this project to their corner of the world.

     A Box of Peace project begins. Lovingly packed flat-rate boxes of individually wrapped peace rocks are available at Unity of Bandon for anyone to pick up and send to someone of their choosing. Some are sent for love and support and some are sent to plant seeds of peace.