World peace... one rock at a time!!


After weeks of preparation and the support of many people from Bandon to Port Orford, the Rev. Robin Haruna, Unity of Bandon's minister, and Unity church member Amy Wilhite were ready to speak at Rotary International's annual United Nations Day in New York City on Nov. 3

Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy altered their plans....... <Find out what happens then.........>




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The story of Peace Rocks and Unity of Bandon can be found in the Unity "Contact" Magazine Sept-Oct-Nov 2010 Issue, Click Here to View, story is at Page 32


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3-24-11 for Unity NW Region newsletter

Peace Rocks have been popping up all over the southern coast of Oregon for the past five years.  Last year friends of Unity of Bandon made a conscious effort to expand our distribution of Peace Rocks to outside our region to other states and countries.  Unity friends took hundreds of Peace Rocks by plane, train, and automobile to locations around the world.  Peace Rocks can now be found in over 20 states, on Liberty Island, in Germany (at the Berlin Wall), Italy, China, Japan, and Africa. They have been sent to President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Oprah Winfrey, and Lady Gaga. In 2011, our goal is to send Peace Rocks to every U.S. Senator.  Here's an excerpt from the letter being sent to the Senators along with the Peace Rocks:

Please accept our simple gift to you of Peace Rocks.  Keep them for yourself, pass them on to friends, colleagues or even strangers.  Feel free to place them out and about for someone to find when the time is right.  Our hope is to have Peace Rocks in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by the end of 2011. What greater action can we take than to plant thought seeds of peace to radiate out and touch the world? And to think it all started with a rock. Thank you for helping us accomplish peace in the world - one rock at a time.

Senators know that their words carry power.  We hope our gift of Peace Rocks helps shine a light on the power of a single word, "Peace."  We challenge you, to use your words, whether spoken or painted on rocks, to spread peace in our world.  We all benefit from peace! If you participate in the Peace Rocks Project, please send us a note and some photos!  Check us out at